7 – 21 June 2004

A programme of Theatre, Installation, Video and Debate from Beirut

Presented by LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) at ICA, The Mall, SW1 and Bargehouse, behind the Oxo Tower, Bargehouse Street, South Bank SE1
LIFT is delighted to present Laughter, an ambitious and unprecedented programme of contemporary Lebanese performance, installation and video exploring the events surrounding the 1975-1991 Lebanese wars, as they persist into the present day.
The global consensus is that the civil war ended in 1991. However artists and intellectuals are still struggling with the lack of closure and the uncertainty it brings. All the works in this programme seek to create a gauge by which the war can be measured, to calculate the extent of the remoteness we feel from our modern history and the actual present in the aftermath of war
Christine Tohme, Curator of Laughter
7 – 12 June at the ICA

The Atlas Group
My Neck is Thinner Than a Hair

7,8 June 8pm at the ICA
Tickets £10 (£8)

My Neck is Thinner Than a Hair: A History of the Car Bomb In the 1975-1991 Lebanese Wars Volume 1: January 21, 1986, is a mixed media presentation/performance by the internationally renowned Atlas Group, investigating the events, experiences and forms related to the explosion of a car bomb detonated on January 21, 1986 in the Furn Ech Chubak area of Beirut.


Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroue

10 – 12 June 7.30pm,
Sun 13 June 3pm
at the ICA
Tickets £8 (£6)

Biokhraphia is about locating theatre, sexuality, and censorship. It interrogates and confronts the role of social and political taboos in Lebanese society, defying convention, manipulating truths perceived as sacred, and standing at the tether of doubt, ambiguity, uncertainty, the true and the false.


Rabih Mroue
Looking For A Missing Employee
10 – 12 June 9pm, 13 June at 4.30pm at the ICA

Tickets £10 (£8). Double Bill Discount Tickets £15 (£12)

Wednesday last, an employee from the Ministry of Finance, initials R.S., was reported missing. His wife demands the right to know which of the entities within the Lebanese state, or amongst the militia factions, holds him in detention. His disappearance is a tragedy to his family but also a display of total lack of respect for his parents, citizens of the country.

Based on real fact, Rabih Mroue weaves a theatrical performance, retracing the proceedings of the investigation, strictly from newspaper articles, to reveal a troubling event with the totality of its political and economic implications. A surrealist saga.

Visual Arts
11- 21 June, at Bargehouse

Day Membership £2
Installations from the following six artists together create an uninterrupted walkway through the Bargehouse. The work is also complemented by a series of films that will be shown throughout the two week period, some of which have been created by the installation artists.
"Beirut Caoutchouc"
by Marwan Rechmaoui
"Lasting Images"
by Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige
by Akram Zaatari
by Lamia Joreige
"Sayyidi Milady"
by Nadine Touma

12 June 5pm, 13 June 2pm, 20 June 2pm & 7pm at Bargehouse
Tickets £5

Saturday 12 June 5pm Akram Zaatari
This Day (86 mins)
All is Well on the Border (43 mins)
Van Leo (32 mins)
Saturday 13 June 2pm Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige
The Lost Film (42 mins)
Don't Walk (14 mins)
Khiam (52 mins)
Sharif Waked
Chic Point (7 mins)
Saturday 20 June 2pm Mohammad Soueid
Nightfall (67 mins)
Tango of Yearning (70mins)
Civil War (80 mins)
Saturday 20 June 7pm Ghassan Salhab
Mon Corps Vivant, Mon Corps Mort (15 mins)
La Rose de Personne (15 mins)
Narcisse Perdu (15 mins)
Jalal Toufic
"Ashura": This Blood Spilled in My Veins (103 mins)
In conversation
10, 12 June at Bargehouse
Day Membership £2
Atlas Group 10 June 3pm. In association with inIVa
Laughter Artists 12 June 3pm
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