The HOUSE IN BORJ (Beit El Borj) is situated in the southern outskirts of Beirut in the area of Laylake. Before the war the area was residential and agricultural with extremely fertile land. Its inhabitants were both Christians and Muslims.
In 1982 after the Israeli invasion, my family had to abandon the house due to intensive shelling and take refuge in eastern Beirut which had become a Christian area.
Since then, two families have illegally occupied the house and have refused us access to it. Laylake has altered beyond recognition - destroyed houses have been replaced by hideous blocks of flats built without any consideration for town planning.
The installation approaches the questions that arise from this complex situation. While it is a personal perspective it accurately reflects the experience of many Lebanese people. Each of the four facades of the house has been filmed for two hours from a fixed position. The video sequences will be projected onto the four walls of a room in order to recreate the house, its exterior facades being transformed into its new interior.

TERRITORY is a representation of one of the rooms in the house. It has been inspired by an article of the Lebanese newspaper AN-Nahar (2 Nov 98) that talks about the stolen fertile soil by Israel on the occupied south of Lebanon.
The elements used on this installation are embroidered sheets and clothes hand made by the artist' s grandmother together with furniture made of soil - suggesting a notion of territory, of belonging to a place.