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Beirut Reborn : The Restoration and Development of the Central District
Angus Gavin , Ramez Maluf (Contributor)
John Wiley & Son Ltd 1996
The history of Beirut, how the city developed and was later destroyed; the process of its reconstruction.
Recovering Beirut : Urban Design and Post-War Reconstruction
Samir Khalaf (Editor), Philip S. Khoury
Brill Academic Publishers; Social, Economic, and Political Studies of the Middle East, Vol 47, 1993; and American Bible Society 1993
The result of a workshop organized by the center for International studies at MIT on urban planning and socio-economic reconstruction in post-war Lebanon.
Pierre el-Khoury: Architecture 1959-1999 (bilingual: English & French)
Pierre El-Khoury , introduction by George Arbid
Dar An-Nahar 2000
The designs of Pierre El Khoury, one of Lebanon's leading architects who has a long history of architectural practice, both for public and private organizations anf whose company 'Pierre el-Khoury and Partners' developed into a distinguished architectural firm conducting major projects in many countries throughout the world, during the past three decades.
Projecting Beirut. Episodes in the Construction and Reconstruction of a Modern City
Peter G. Rowe, Hashim Sarkis
Prestel 1998
Urban development in modern Beirut; late 1950s to late 1960s, and planning and reconstruction after the civil war. Urban redevelopment issues; the resolution and celebration of social pluralism and multiculturalism, historic preservation, conservation, and the integration of historic archaeological sites into contemporary urban life.
Beirut of Tomorrow: Planning for Reconstruction
Friedrich Ragette
American University of Beirut, 1983
Book on the Symposium organized by the A.U.B. and the Goethe Institute in collaboration with the Association of German Speaking University, held in Beirut from 17 to 21 january 1983; that focused on subjects such as: "The Historic Fabric of Beirut" and "A Post-Modern Approach to Reconstruction".
Urban Unrest in the Middle East : A Comparative Study of Informal Networks in Egypt, Iran, and Lebanon (Suny Series in the Social and Economic history)
Guilain Denoeux
State Univ of New York Press, 1993
A systematic study of the politics of Middle Eastern cities in a historical and comparative context. Focusing on informal patron- client, occupational, religious, and residential networks, argues that, contrary to the prevailing assumption, such networks do not necessarily play a stabilizing role, but since 1800 have repeatedly been effective instruments for mobilizing popular dissent.
Architecture in Lebanon: the Lebanese house during the 18th and 19th centuries
Friedrich Ragette
Caravan Books, 2001; Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade), 1975; American University of Beirut Publications, 1974 2001, 1975, 1974
A description of “the plans, construction, exterior and interior design, and also the origin of the various morphological types of Lebanese houses.”
Reconstructing Beirut: Memory and Space in a postwar Arab City
Aseel Sawalha
Univ. of Texas Press 2010
From being the cosmopolitan center of the Middle East, Beirut, devastated by the civil war, reached a “postwar state of emergency”. This book focuses on the response of the various groups to Beirut's privatized urban-renewal project leading to major special conflicts, but first and foremost on the theme of remembering space.
Le quartier de Sanayeh à Beyrouth
Pascale, Elias, Elie Féghali, Khoury, Rizkallah
Presses de l’Ifpo 2009
This book portrays the quartier Sanayeh in Beyrouth, born in the late 19th century and symbolizing modernity within the Ottoman empire, and describes the way it is seen and experienced today: a traditional space where life follows the rhythm of ritual ceremonies, but first and foremost, the Sanayeh garden…
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