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Réglementation et Formes Urbaines. Le Cas de Beyrouth
Elie El-Achkar
Cahiers du CERMOC, No 20 1998
Thorough research on urban issues in post-war Beirut through a study of legislations and their impact on construction in the Lebanese capital.
Questions sur le Patimoine Architectural et Urbain au Liban
Ziad Akl, Michael E. Davie
Ouest-France 2000
The Lebanese architecture and urban heritage. Identity and Memory through destruction and reconstruction.
Beyrouth, Grand Beyrouth
Jean-Luc Arnaud
Cahiers du CERMOC, No 16 1998
Study of old and new centers, close and far-off outskirts, in the East and the West parts of the city Beirut; through an analysis of the economic, strategic, political and territorial tools in the hands of the perpetrators of these transformations, and an analysis of the family and business networks, the social and space mobility which are also issues that have marked this evolution.
Reconstruire Beyrouth : les Paris sur le Possible (Round table at Lyon, 27 - 29 novembre 1990)
Nabil Bayhum
Maison de l'Orient Mediterraneen 1992
The reconstruction of Beirut considering the social, political, legal, economical, geographical and urban structure of Lebanon after 15 years of Civil War.
Du Privé au Public : Espaces et Valeurs du Politique au Proche-Orient
Seteney Shami,Marianne Petit,Fatiha Dazi-Heni,Chawqi Douaihy,Joelle Deluz-La Bruyere et Zineb Guerroudj-Benzerfa,Jean-Claude David,May Davie,Françoise de Bel Air,Brigitte Curmi,Ahmad Beydoun,Nabil Beyhum
Cahiers du CERMOC, No 8 1994
Analysis of the loose line separating the private and public life in Middle-Eastern societies where practices, authorities and values shape coexistence on both individual and collective levels.
Mouvements Communautaires et Espaces Urbains au Machreq
Waddah Charara, Bachchar Chbarou, Guy Leonard, Salim Nasr, Michel Seurat, Jean-Pierre Thieck, Mona Zakharia
Urban crisis in the Arabic Levant marked with the conflict between religions and the multiple attempts to solve the problems related to the identities of the different groups.
Compétences des Citadins dans le Monde Arabe
F. Abachi, A. Arrif, R. Bekkar, I. Berry-Chikhaoui, R. Cattedra, L. Chouikha, A. Deboulet, J.C. Depaule, O. Feneyrol, B. Florin, J.P. Frey, M. Janati, M. Mohalla, C. Miller, F. Bouchanine, N. Puig, L. Roulleau-Berger, S. Sfaxi, R. Boumedine, P. Signoles
Urban fabrication of the city in the Arab World; through an analysis of the competence and the learning of citizens, and their implication in the construction and re-formulation of the city.
Politiques Urbaines dans la Banlieue-Sud de Beyrouth
Mona Harb El-Kak
Cahiers du CERMOC, No 14 1996
South Beyrouth: a region of Lebanon that constitues a political and urban stake. Divided between different political parties, and multiple property developers and speculators.
Le Droit de l'Urbanisme, de la Construction, de l'Environnement et de l'Eau
Hyam Mallat
LGDJ-Bruylant-Delta 1997
A study of urban, construction, environment, telecommunication and water resources legislations which have all evolved in modern societies except for the Middle-East where the rights related to the water issue have a political, economic and social value.
Beyrouth. L'Histoire qu'on assassine
Naji Karam
Self-published 1996
A work on the archological searches in Beirut that are limited to a very small surface compared to the suraface that was destroyed by bulldozers, describing Solidere's harrassment and blackmailing.
Portrait de ville: Beyrouth
Jad Tabet
Institut Francais d'Architecture (IFA) 2001
The architect Jad Tabet guides amateurs with intelligence and emotion through Beirut -a city between sea and mountain, in between war and peace- in this annual supplement of Archiscopie journal, published monthly by the French Institute of Architecture (IFA -Institut français d'architecture) . A guide showing 167 modern reference buildings as well as 7 important points of reference that are no longer existing is added to this supplement.
La Maison Beyrouthine aux Trois Arcs: Une Architecture Bourgeoise du Levant
Michael F. Davie (Directed by)
ALBA (Fine Arts Academy of Beirut)- Beirut, CNRS-URBAMA - Tours, France (Centre for Research and Studies on the Urbanization of the Arab World) 2003
This book is the result of ten years of research on the architectural and urban heritage of Beirut, of Lebanon and of the Levant.
Questions sur le Patrimoine Architectural et Urbain au Liban
Pref. by Ziad Akl, with Michael F. Davie,Mercedes Volait,May Davie,Sawsan Awada Jalu,Noha Ghoussainy,Stephane Loret,Christian Darles,Zeina Misk,Eliane Gebrane-Badlissi,Fadi Chiniara,Fadlallah Dagher, Robert Saliba,Nabil Beyhum,Jean-Paul Lebas,Souad Slim,Mousbah Rajab
A number of texts written by the above mentioned architects on subjects related to the Architectural and Urban Heritage in Lebanon, such as: the Stakes and Identities in the Genesis of the Lebanese Heritage; Using Memory in Reconstruction; the Importance of Urban and Architectural Heritage in post-war Lebanese Society.
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