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La Fracture
Elias Abou-Haidar
Eddif 1999
The story of the Lebanese war, and the story of the author's exile. How does one rebuild himself a life, where can one identify himself and find himself ?
Terre blanche, Journal d'un Otage au Liban
Antoine Joseph Assaf
Fayard - le Sarment 2001
The testimony of a professor of philosophy who spent 15 months as a hostage in a 2m2 cell, and analyzed as a 'professional' his own reactions and thoughts.
Le Martyr du Liban
Thierry Desjardins
Plon 1976
The author, a reporter from the 'Figaro', tells about the tragedy he witnessed in the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.
Liban, Mémoires du Temps
Charles-Herve Faucon
Dar An-Nahar 1998
Sincere account and well documented analysis on Lebanon.
La guerre du Liban
Antoine Jabre, Andre Fontaine, Nagib Dahdah
P. Belfond 1980
Antoine Jabre, ambassador of Lebanon in the USSR, tells about his Russian acquaintances and his own war in the USSR to 'save' his country.
Houda Karim
Sud Editions-Tunis 1999
The story of a Lebanese girl since she was 14 living in war torn Beirut, then her life in South Lebanon, until she became a 'resistant' and was caught by the 'enemy' while attempting an 'operation'.
Therese Khabsa
The painter Therese Khabsa, during the war, remembers Lebanon before the war.
Même les Tueurs Ont Une Mère
Patrick Meney
La Table Ronde 1986
An interview with Marwan, a 26 years' old killer. The account of his passage from being a peaceful carefree adolescent to his becoming a militiaman whose only profession was death during 'the collective madness' of the Lebanese conflict.
Clandestin (french)
Selim Nassib
Balland 1998
Memoirs of the author: his souvenirs with his family and a testimony of his life in his social surrounding, being a Jew in The Middle-East region.
Victime et Bourreau
Joseph Saade, Frederic Brunnquell, Frederic Couderc
Calmann-Levy 1989
A Lebanese journalist avenges the death of both his murdered sons.
L'an prochain à Tibériade: lettres d'une jeune Palestinienne du Liban à un ami français
Racha Salah
Albin Michel 1996
Ten long letters in which Racha, a young Palestinian, relates her daily life in Lebanon, throughout the war.
Vendredi, dimanche
Khalid Ziyadah, Yves Gonzalez-Quijano
Actes Sud/Sindbad (Mémoires de la Méditerranée) 1996
Through the account of his memoirs in Tripoli -Lebanon- in the 1950s. and 1960s., the author tells about the fate of the Mediterranean cities still haunted by a past that's threatened by a much desired but fearsome modernity.
A Livres Ouverts: Une Vie de Souvenirs
Phares Zoghbi
Dar An-Nahar 1998
How does a human being, wherever he comes from, and wherever he is, build an identity and shapes self and others' awareness.
Le Bonheur Bleu
Lamia el-Saad
Dar An-Nahar 2002
"Le bonheur Bleu" relates the author's suffering; she was wounded by a shrapnel at the age of 11; her life became then a daily struggle against physical pain and despair.
Le Retour à la Vie
Lena Freiha
Librairie Antoine 1997
This work is an expression of Lena Freiha's feelings and state of mind throughout her sufferings caused by a violent husband; aiming to help other women to overcome their physical and spiritual pain.
Jocelyne J. Awad
Albin Michel 1994
A true story about the sad destiny of an Arab woman in Lebanon.
Le Liban d'où je viens
Henri Edde
Buchet Chastel (Documents) 2000
The author, an architect and a town planner, tells about his country occupied by Syria and Israel, about the reconstruction of Beirut and the huge amounts of money it is costing.
Splendide Solitude
Abla Farhoud
L'Hexagone 2001
Through this voyage in the depth of her intimacy, the author lays bare her femininity and her solitary woman's soul.
L'obus Siffla
Nadyne Khoury-Aoude , (and other young writers)
Mercure de France 2001
The author recalls comical memories from her childhood during the Lebanese war.
De Saint-Pétersbourg à Aïn el-Mreissé
Irene Lehr
Dar An-Nahar 2003
The author tells her family's story, Russian aristocrats who had to leave their country in 1917 revolution, and came to live in Lebanon.
Mon père m’attendait à Manille
Marie Moarbes
Ed. Robert Laffont 2001
The testimony of Marie Moarbes, a French-Lebanese 32 years' old single young woman who was kidnapped along with a group of tourists in Malaysia in 2000. Without water or food, or hygiene, but thanks to her knowledge in first-aid, as well as her tough character and her humour, she will learn a great lesson of courage -hers as well as her 75 years' old father's who went to Manilla to save her- that will give a new meaning to her life.
De Beyrouth à Jenine : Quatorze Soldats Israeliens racontent
Ilana Hammerman , Irit Gal, translated by Catherine Neuvéglise
La Fabrique 2003
A collection of testimonies of Israeli soldiers evoking the beginning of the conflict in 1982. Each one tells his personal story and his opinion concerning the operations. These accounts give precious information on the first months of the conflicts, particularly marked by the massacres committed by the Phalangists under the control of the Israeli army in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila.
Les Larmes de la Colère
Alain Ménargues
Presses de la Renaissance 1991
The author, reporter for France Inter and France Info and correspondent in Beyrouth since 1982, relates in this account which is the result of a long on-the-ground investigation, the complexity of the Lebanese drama through the true story of a Lebanese young woman.
Mourir partir revenir. Le jeu des hirondelles
Zeina Abirached
Cambourakis 2007
Born in Lebanon in 1981, Zeina recounts her childhood memories of the civil war –started 6 years before she was born– portraying the strength of family and community.
Beyrouth: Je me souviens
Zeina Abirached
Cambourakis 2009
The author’s childhood and adolescence memories in war-torn Beirut, until she left Lebanon in 2006, are marked with constant fear and hard life, but also with happy moments that helped to forget the raging war.
Toute une histoire
Hanan el-Sheikh
Actes-Sud 2010
In this memoir, the author relates the extraordinary life of her mother.
Les Belles Étrangères (incl. 1 CD)
Gallimard 2007
An anthology of unpublished texts, excerpts from novels, poems, comics, either written originally in French or translated, displaying various aspects of contemporary Lebanese literature written by 12 Lebanese writers having all experienced, whether first-hand or from afar, the civil war in Lebanon.
Amin Maalouf
Grasset 2004
A study of Lebanese culture and politics through a story set in the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th in the mountains of Lebanon and in Havana, Cuba, recounting the saga of the author’s family.
Sous les branches du grenadier
May Menassa
Encre d’Orient 2012
A woman’s memories of a family secret that hurt her more than the civil war in Lebanon.
Bye-Bye Babylone Beyrouth 1975 1979
Lamia Ziadé
Denoël 2010
A unique graphic memoir of a terrible war.
Balafres ou Le silence de la Méditerranée
Ezza Agha Malak
L'Harmattan 2013
A story about war, love, friendship, hatred, the sacred, political power, faith and corruption… through a saga of the Lebanese war.
La Guerre m'a surprise à Beyrouth
Carmen Boustani
Karthala 2010
The testimony of the author on her writing throughout the civil war in Lebanon.
Le Silence du ténor
Alexandre Najjar
Plon 2006
The author's homage to his father, a tough lawyer who, after a long and prosperous career, suffered a heart attack.
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