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111101 - References -Memory Identity Society
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Aan Amal La Shifa’ Minh
Fawwaz Traboulsi
Mou'assassat al-Abhath al-Aarabiyyat, 1982
A collection of texts written in Between June and October 1982 while Beirut was besieged by the Israelis.
Roberto Khatlab
Mokhtarat 2003
The author, a Brazilian historian of Lebanese descent, whose studies concern particularly the Lebanese immigration in Brazil, proposes an answer to the question "what are the possible affinities between a Portuguese colony in letin America and an Arab nation dominated, at the time, by the ottomans?" as well as to other questions relative to the subject.
Khitab al-hawiyya: seera fikriyya (The Identity Speech: a philosophical issue)
Ali Harb
Dar al-Kunooz al-Adabiyya 1996
Lebanese identity or identities…
Ta’ammulat fee shaqa’ al-‘arab
Samir Kassir
Dar al-Nahar 2005
The author describes the cultural boom in the region during the 19th century followed by the impact of modernity that disrupted the Arab identity and led to political and intellectual stagnation in the Arab world.
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