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Pourquoi il fait si sombre ?
Dominique Edde
Seuil 1998
A Lebanese woman comes back to Lebanon after the war and recalls forgotten memories: people and their personal stories during the war, all scarred by its violence.
La Maison sans racines [The Return to Beirut] (french, english)
Andree Chedid
french ed. Flammarion (Vieux Fonds); english ed. translated by Ros Schwartz, Serpents Tail; 1990, 1985
Lebanon -unhappily scarred by poverty, and hostility between Christian and Moslem factions- through 5 generations of a Lebanese family -those who emigrated and those who remained in their homeland- at three different times.
La Mue
Georges Corm
ed. No‘l Blandin 1992
The story of a country deceived, betrayed, cut up, by stronger countries, but with the enthusiastic complicity of its own countrymen, blinded by their passions, greedy for violence, searching for their salvation through the craziest self-destruction and unable to understand their collective suicide.
Lettre Posthume
Dominique Edde
Gallimard 1989
The story takes place a short while before the fightings between Christians which destroyed, beginning 1989 and in a short period of time, the East part of Beirut.
Les Moi Volatils des Guerres Perdues
Ghassan Fawaz
Seuil 1996
Reality and imagination, History and fiction.
L'Enfant du Liban - Les Chemins de Nulle Part [The Roads to Nowhere, a Child of Lebanon] (french, english)
Mansour Labaky
french ed. Fayard; english ed. St Bede's Publications; 1986, 1987
The story of a Lebanese child who became an orphan because of the war, his friendship with another boy and his path towards 'a life of love and forgiveness'
Beyrouth ou La Fascination de la Mort
Issa Makhlouf
Passion 1988, 1998
An overwhelming account of life in Lebanon; the derisory and inhuman nature of events.
La Mémoire des Cèdres
Jacqueline Massabki, François Porel
Robert Laffont 1989
The Lebanese Civil War that ravaged the country but also divided members of a same family.
L'Homme Assis
Selim Nassib
Balland 1991
An account by the Lebanese journalist Selim Nassib: Fourteen stories that tell about the mentality and the customs in the Middle East and the repetitive conflicts devastating this region.
Hani Hammoud
Dar An-Nahar 1997
Revolt and disgust behind a feigned indifference.
Coquelicot du Massacre
Evelyne Accad
L'Harmattan 1988
This novel is about the war in Lebanon and is accompanied by a cassette of songs she wrote and performed.
Cher Monsieur Kawabata [Dear Mr Kawabata - Azizi al-Sayyid Kawabata] (arabic, english, french, and other languages)
Rashid al-Daif
french ed. translated by Yves Gonzalez-Quijano, Actes Sud coll. Sindbad; arabic ed. Mokhtarat, 2nd ed. Riad el-Rayyes; english ed. translated by Paul 1998
During the last days of the Lebanese Civil War, a young lebanese man dying, writes a letter to Yasunari Kawabata, the Japanese novelist who won the 1968 Nobel Prize for literature and killed himslef in 1972; creating/imagining a dialogue with him about dying, free will and the value of memory.
Des jours en trop [Ayyam Za'idat] (arabic, french)
Hassan Daoud
french ed. translated by Edwige Lambert, Actes-Sud/Sindbad; arabic ed. Dar al Jadeed, 2 editions; 1998, 1990, 2000
A man dying, scared of death listens to his son telling him how easy it is, as if he were not afraid of his own death.
Sous le soleil d'Occident
Ghassan Fawaz
Seuil 1998
Paris,end of the seventies, two twenty-five years old Lebanese students: a well-of Christian and a poor Muslim, remember the war.
Les Identités Meurtrières
Amin Maalouf
Grasset 1998
An analysis of our present societies and the necessity to redefine identity; its present definition being the cause of massacres.
Dent d'Amour
Therese Aouad Basbous
L'Harmattan 1999
Pursuing what slips away from the touch of the words that are so dampened and dissolved in the life of 'others'.
Contes et Nouvelles du Liban
Edouard Azouri
Librairie Orientale 1999
Poetry, literature, and thoughts about the life of the Lebanese people.
Mémoires d'Ailleurs
Edouard Azouri
Dar An-Nahar 1999
A love story written by a psychiatrist.
Le Laboureur des Eaux [Harith al Miyah] (arabic, french)
Hoda Barakat
french ed. Actes Sud; arabic ed. Dar An-Nahar; 1998, 1999
Sensual and strong epic in the ruins of a memory-city. Through the journey of Nicolas, the principal character of this novel, the reader scrapes off the dust and rediscovers the city from before the nothingness.
Les Illuminés [Ahl al'Hawa] (arabic, french)
Hoda Barakat
french ed. translated by François Zabbal, Actes Sud; arabic ed. Dar An-Nahar; 1999, 1993
The main character of this novel is crippled and tries to find the reasons for his handicap in the war.
L'Enfant Multiple
Andree Chedid
Librio 1999
The story of a child born in Lebanon, wounded the'absurd civil war' and by the death of his parents. And who will discover peace and hope through his friendship with thedifferent excentric characters of this book.
Beyrouth au Coeur
Nadia Khouri-Dagher
L'Harmattan 1999
A emotional account of every day life in post-war Lebanon.
L'Ecole de la Guerre
Alexandre Najjar
Balland 1999
After 7 years of absence, the narrator comes back to Beirut and remembers events of the war: tragic and comical ones, others atrocious and moving.
La Promise
Nohad Salameh
L'Harmattan 1999
The memory of yesteryear's Lebanon, now devastated by the war.
Le Prince des Cyniques
Ramzi T. Salameh
FMA/Buchet Chastel 1999
The Lebanese as they are, sell-outs, greedy for power, obsessed with profit, and incapable of remembering lessons of the past.
Les Livres d'Anne
Laurice Schehadeh
Dar An-Nahar 1999
Childhood, time flying away, and love.
Voyages en Cancer
Evelyne Accad
L'Harmattan 2000
The personal and social acceptance of cancer, and life that goes on.
Des Mots et des Hommes
Therese Aouad Basbous
L'Harmattan 2000
Reconstitution with words of an almost vanished past, of a moving experience that took place.
Khiam (french)
Alexandre Najjar
Dar An-Nahar 2000
A tribute to those who survided the hell of the Israeli sinister prison located in Lebanon.
Les Broussailles
Nadim Takieddine
Dar An-Nahar 2000
Aphorisms in French and Arabic.
La Porte du soleil [Bab al-Shams] (arabic, french)
Elias Khoury , translated by Rania Samara
french ed. Actes Sud; arabic ed. Dar al-Adab; 2002, 1998
In an almost disused hospital of the Chatila camp in Lebanon, the narrator, in order to revive his spiritual father -a hero of the Palestinian resistance- from a coma, relates the Lebanese Civil War that has just ended, the most important events of his own existence and the often painful stories of men and women snatched by History after their expulsion from Palestine in 1948.
La Mallette
Ezza Agha Malak
Jarrous Tripoli 1996
The life of post-war human society.
La Pierre du Rire [Hajar al-Dahik - The Stone of Laughter] (french, arabic, english)
Hoda Barakat
french ed. Actes Sud; arabic ed. Riad el-Rayyess; english ed. translated by Sophie Bennett, interlinks books;
The suffering brought by the Lebanese war shows through the behaviors of the characters of this novel.
L'Enfant et la Ville
Georges N. Rubeiz
Dar An-Nahar 1996
Beirut, beautiful and carefree before the war; disfigured and petrified in its military uniform, after the war.
Petite Terre, Vaste Rêve
Andree Chedid
Fayard/Pauvert 2002
18 short stories reflecting Man "when he procreates in denial, invents himself in creation, thus multiplying the reach of his destiny". "The author captures bits of a world that, far from noise and worries, would be a place of balance and serene and optimistic reflection".
Londres, Mon Amour
Hanan el-Sheikh , translated by Rania Samara
Actes Sud 2002
Lamis -a young and beautiful Iraki woman who's just divorced-, Amira -a moroccan prostitute pretending she's a princess from the Gulf-, Samir -a Lebanese transvestite-, and Nicholas -an oriental antiques expert who works for Sotheby's-; all four arrive to London at the same time. This novel is about their lives in cosmopolitan London where so many different people are.
Le Système Boone
Percy Kemp
Albin Michel 2002
The story of the battle of a "Club House" -Her Majesty's Secret Service- agent to preserve his quiet way of life on the shores of the Mediterranean, a pleasant life disturbed by the anti-terrorist battle. This book sheds light on the secrets and behind the scenes, the rivalries and manipulations dominating the life of double agents and spies.
Lady Virus
Alexandre Najjar
Balland 2002
An espionage thriller dealing with terrorism: After letters containing anthrax contaminated people all over the U.S.A., Meg, a renowned microbiologist hired by the CIA, conducts an investigation taking her from New York to Amman to Amsterdam to Beirut, on the trail of "Lady Virus", the woman responsible for the Iraqi bacterial program.
Le bus des gens biens
Najwa Barakat
Stock (coll. La Cosmopolite) 2002
In the deserted square of a city in the North of the Arabic peninsula, an old bus with a dozen strange passengers, a strange driver, starts a journey in the miidle of the night which encourages telling secrets . . and lies.
L'Amour loup
Anouar Benmalek
Pauvert 2002
The tragic love story, in Lebanon during the israeli/palestinian conflict in the eighties, between a Algerian future engineer and a Palestian Medical student.
Le couvent de la Lune ou Deir el-Kamar à travers le temps
Carole Dagher
Plon 2002
A flash-back on 19th century Lebanon, under Béchir II Chéhab - a period rich with events, intrigues, military prouesses, and friendship and loyalty-, through this historical and sentimental novel.
Zyad ou l’évanescence
Louis Ingea
Dar An-Nahar 2002
The story of Zyad - a man from the Lebanese mountain clinging to his traditions and who only dreams of traveling-, and Anna -a girl from Beirut who's holding on to her war-torn country-.
Marie-Luce Bruyère, ou la vie d'un étudiant en France
Georges Saad
Atelier de création libertaire 2002
The life of a Lebanese student in Paris, and his love story with Marie.
Visage Retrouvé
Wajdi Mouawad
Actes Sud 2002
Wahab, a 14 year old boy comes back home one day after school and doesn't recognize his mother's face. Reality starts breaking up before his eyes. While his initiation to the lies in the world begins, he runs away from home, beyond himself and, within a few days, alone and almost going mad, he'll experiment fear and beauty, with an underlying anger.
Menus Détails
Rafif Fattouh , translated by Naoum Abi-Rached; preface Salah Stetie
L'Harmattan (coll. Ecritures arabes) 2001
Short stories written at the beginning of the eighties, in war-torn Beirut, relating terribles events: a suicide, unexpected reunions, …all with the war background.
Privilège des morts
Venus Khoury-Ghata
Balland 2001
Wandering through memory, the author tells the story of characters who are neither dead nor alive, neither past nor present, between the past and insanity, dream and reality; since the "privilege of the dead" is that they remain amongst us, if the tragedy didn't end during their life.
Le Message
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Fiction Française) 2000
In war-torn Beirut, Marie is shot on her way to meet her lover. She still finds the strength to write him a note telling him "I was coming" and give it to an old woman, Anya. Gorgio, a repentant ex-sniper promises to get an ambulance. Each of the characters becomes a gardian of love in this land of massacre and hatred.
Asma une Jeune Fille du Liban
Elham Chamoun-Abdelnour
L'Harmattan 2000
Torn between religious faith and love, Asma drives the reader through a war-torn country, Lebanon.
D'Autres Images Ecrites
Nada Moghaizel Nasr
Dar An-Nahar 1999
Second work by Nada Moghaizel Nasr on images written on childhood, mothers, people . . in Lebanon.
Le bonheur à la queue glissante
Abla Farhoud
L'Hexagone 1998
The story of an illiterate Lebanese immigrant and of her solitude; who gradually lets the reader inside her memory.
Les Echelles du Levant
Amin Maalouf
LGF (Le Livre de Poche) 1998
Through the story of man, son of a turkish ottoman father and of an armenian mother exiled in Lebanon, and his relationship with a clandestine jewish girl, the author illustrates the dream of a peaceful non-sectarian Lebanon.
Les Saisons de passage
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Documents) 1996
In 80 short texts, the author describes her mother throughout various places and times. Memories combining reality and fiction.
L'Ombre d'une Ville
Elie-Pierre Sabbag
Buchet Chastel 1994
After the Lebanese Civil War, Athanase, the narrator, revives the past and the memory of this conflict through telling his story with his circle of friends to a young Lebanese immigrant, the daughter of one of these friends who committed suicide.
Images Ecrites
Nada Moghaizel Nasr
FMA 1994
Images written on childhood, mothers, people ... in Lebanon.
La Honte du Survivant
Le Ciel n'est Jamais l'Ennemi

Alexandre Najjar
ed. Naaman (2nd ed.) 1991
Two stories that testify about the war in lebanon: the first one is about the fiendship between a Lebanese combattant and a French journalist in a military camp; the second one tells the tragedy of a young university student whose life changed the day he was wounded by shrapnels.
Mondes, Miroirs, Magies
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Fiction Française) 1988
This book out of reality, memoirs and dreams aims to show the unity amongst men -death, tragedy and joy, laughter and tears- and that life always carries something that last and that is shared.
Derrière les Visages
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Castor poche); (9 stories from "Les corps et le temps" published in 1978 by Ed. Flammarion + unpublished story); 1984
Nine short stories, most of them located in Egypt and in Lebanon, aiming to tell about the human heart that knows no boundaries and no frontiers.
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Fiction Française) 1992 (1st ed. 1969)
This novel tells about the fight against death through the story of a man who struggles to save an other man. The complicity between an old oriental man with a heart like a child's, and a young westerner as blasé as an old man illustrating a dialogue between two different civilizations.
Mohammed Taan
L'Harmattan (Ecritures Arabes) 2002
During the 1980s in Lebanon when inter-sectarian conflict reached its peak; in a Beirut shelter, the Khawaja, a strange old man who is attempting everything to get his home back, tells a doctor he met and developed friendship towards the sacred task destiny entrusted him with and that war is threatening.
La Vision
Jean Salme
Ed. Jean Salme 2003
This novel that takes place in Beirut is about the eternal love of a man for a woman he never ended up marrying because of particular circumstances.
Amin Maalouf
JC Lattès 1988
This novel is about the Persia of Omar Khayyam, poet and astronomist, but also that of Hassan Sabbay, founder of the Assassins order.
La dernière des croisés : Esclavagisme et Enfance
Ezza Agha Malak
The story of a 9 years' old little girl in the cruel city of Tripoli.
Andree Chedid
Flammarion (Mille & une pages); 1998
9 novels
Les portes de la nuit
Ezza Agha Malak
Editions des écrivains 1999
Myriam, a very intuitive young woman who also has premonitory dreams, meets, in real life, with the man she had been dreaming about repetitively.
Nabil Saleh
Interlinks Publ. 1999
This novel is set in the 13th century Levant. It is about "Oriental and Western Christians, Mamelukes and other Muslims, Jews and Druzes [who] spend their lives in war and peace, compromise and confrontation, as their heirs do today as if nothing has changed and no lessons learned."
La Femme de mon mari
Ezza Agha Malak
A lively image of Lebanese life based on real historical facts that occurred in the city of Tripoli where a revolution and civil war were happening in 1958.
Récits Roses
Ezza Agha Malak
Two different stories: "Le Rôdeur Nocturne" starts with a rat that entered stealthily in the author's house and settled down in her piano; The second story is about homosexuality, a taboo subject in the Lebanese society. Both stories take place in Tripoli, the author's native town, and are told on its historical, social, geographical and cultural background.
Liban, écrits nomades - Volume 1
Yves Laplace, Robert Marinier, Jean-Yves Picq, Koffi Kwahulé
Carnières 2001
Plays and stories, related directly and indirectly to Beirut, by nine authors and a photographer from 3 continents inspired by their one month stay in the city of Byblos in Lebanon.
Liban, écrits nomades - Volume 2
Joseph Kodeih, Mohamed Kacimi, Florent Couao-Zotti
Carnières 2001
Plays and stories, related directly and indirectly to Beirut, by nine authors and a photographer from 3 continents inspired by their one month stay in the city of Byblos in Lebanon.
Les Enfants de la louve
Georges N. Rubeiz
FMA 2001
Through this apparently light humorous novel, the author tells about the historical, socio-political and cultural aspects defining the lebanese identity.
Le cimetière des rêves
Hanan el-Sheikh
Actes Sud (Babel) 2002
Stories about Arab women, whether they are Moroccan or Lebanese or Yemenite, who affirm their independence.
Maria Aparecida
Yasmina Traboulsi
Mercure de France 2002
A liveky image of Bahia that can be mistaken for an image of Beirut, with its dust, misery and opulence through 14 short stories depicting the strength and incredible mystery of absence.
Le Berceau du monde : Orient - Opéra
Fady Stephan
Verticales (Littérature française) 2003
The author, an Archeology and East-Semitic languages teacher, leads the reader through a lyrical and poetic journey in Lebanon describing it as a land of mythical legends as well as a land that welcomed people of all religions, of different beliefs and philosophical sects and where people hoped unity and reconciliation were possible.
Les carnets d’Urbain de Valsère
Gerard Khoury
Dar An-Nahar, Geuthner, 2003
This novel, a mix of facts and fiction, starts with the true story of the author finding 27 unsigned beautiful drawings in an antiques store in the 80s. He identified the locations and the period, thus discovering the importance of these documents relatively to the French-Lebanese relations.
Le Moine, l'Ottoman et la Femme de l’Argentier
Venus Khoury-Ghata
Actes Sud 2003
During the 18th century, a young inexperienced monk falls in love with a woman he was supposed to bring back to her husband after she ran away with an Ottoman lord, and discovers Islam during his journey.
Nourrir les Dieux ou Mourir
François Harfouche
France Europe ed. 2003
A doctor comes across fascinating signals that he does not know whether to interpret if they are directly destined to him or if they are dictating to his patients, through him, their health bulletin.
La Belle Sunamite
Lutfallah Manasseh
Dar An-Nahar 2003
The author tells the story of the beautiful Abishag who, after being close to King David, was coveted by his son Adonias who wanted to affirm his right to the throne by marrying the concubine of the deceased king… A hard task for the author considering the difficulty of overcoming the prejudgments often aroused by the Old Testament where unraveling myths and facts is so complicated.
Beyrouth ne pardonne pas
Carol Ajami , Preface by Pierre-Jean Remy
Dar An-Nahar 2004
This book tells about Lebanon and France, about silence after a war, rumor inside hearts, and the sound of fury in the lives of those like us.
Immortalis (french)
Elias Jabre
Ed. du Masque 2004
Science Fiction novel telling the story of a modern alchemist, a genetics expert who found the formula for man to be eternal… The anguish of death will be replaced by absolute perplexity, but most will sign for such a life-contract…
Partition Libre Pour Isabelle
Yasmine Khlat
Seuil 2004
After a long stay in the African continent, Jean comes back to Lebanon, sick, to live by his sister Isabelle. She looks after him while evoking memories of a wild childhood and building an impossible future.
Ville A Vif
Imane Hemaidan Younes
Verticales 2004
About the Civil War in Lebanon and its consequences on family life through the portrait of four women illustrating four attitudes towards this drama : silence, scream, impetuosity, resignation.
38, rue Youssef Semaani
Zeina Abirached
Cambourakis 2006
The shape of this book allows multiple readings through the various possible ways to unfold a series of three times five strips, each dedicated to the occupant of a building, the building where the author spent her childhood, all together forming a community of neighbours, their daily life and light conflicts.
Agatha de Beyrouth
Zeina / Jacques Abirached / Jouet
Cambourakis 2011
This book is born from a performance that took place in Beyrouth in April 2009. Jacques Jouet wrote and Zeina Abirache drew live with an audience, during 24 hours, 24 episodes of this story set in a war-torn city.
Beyrouth Catharsis
Zeina Abirached
Cambourakis 2006
A story of a childhood in Lebanon in the 1980s through the words and angle of view of a little girl to whom war is close yet almost invisible, only “apparent” through distant sounds of explosions.
Learning English
Rashid al-Daif
Actes-Sud 2001
The narrator learns in the newspaper that his father was murdered, a victim of a vendetta that has spread fear and death in his village for generations. He goes back home where he must deal with the tough social environement where he was born, and with the story of his family.
Qu’elle aille au diable Meryl Streep
Rashid al-Daif
Actes-Sud 2004
The intimate story of a newlywed Lebanese couple, their struggle to deal with their own differences as well as with the rapidly evolving attitudes in Lebanon toward virginity, premarital sex, and abortion… depicting a portrait of love, lust, and marriage.
Femmes de sable et de myrrhe
Hanan el-Sheikh
Actes-Sud 1993
The author relates the hard life of four women in an unnamed desert state.
Les moulins de Beyrouth
Tawfiq Yusuf Awwad
Actes-Sud 2012
In the years following the Arab-Israeli war of June 1967, Tamina leaves her poor Shi‘a village despite her family’s and community’s resistance, and goes to university in Beirut, where she works, studies, and learns about the dangers of anarchy and revolution, and comes in contact with the poorest Lebanese and with Palestinian refugees… just a few years before the civil war.
Ya salam!
Najwa Barakat
Actes-Sud 2012
A portray of the return to life after the end of the civl war, describing its consequences as well as those of gender violence through the story of three friends, an explosives expert, a sniper, and a torturer, who must make a life for themselves in a war-free country.
Cent quatre-vingts crepuscules
Hassan Daoud
Actes-Sud 2010
This is the story of a small Lebanese village that only included a few tourist shops until families gradually settled during the civil war, and of its multi-confessional inhabitants.
Le chant du pingouin
Hassan Daoud
Actes-Sud 2007
This classic novel of the Lebanese civil war focuses on the trap of poverty, relating the story of a handicapped young man who erases the limits between what is normal and what is not.
Equinoxe d’automne
Jabbour Douaihy
AMAM 2000
This is the diary of a young man who returns from his college in the United States to his Lebanese village, and tries to adjust to his environment, and even to redefine himself, faced with his new reality and the people in his village, far from his college years.
Pluie de Juin
Jabbour Douaihy
Actes-Sud 2010
In 1957, after a shoot-out, a village in North Lebanon is divided in two, yet the closely intertwined lives of its inhabitants can’t be easily divided as neighbours become enemies and husbands and wives must choose between loyalty to each other and loyalty to their clan.
Saint Georges regardait ailleurs
Jabbour Douaihy
Actes-Sud 2013
The Lebanese civil war portrayed through the eyes of a young man uprooted by the conflict, a victim of the sectarian reality in Lebanon during this period: born a Muslim, brought up a Christian, the hero of this novel is trapped in the growing madness of the civil war, always at the wrong place at the wrong time…
Dominique Eddé
Gallimard 2003
This story, at once a memoir and a fiction, set in the period from 1960s to the late 1980s, chronicles the decline of Egyptian-Lebanese society through the stories of different characters faced with social conventions, religious divisions and cultural clichés.
Carnival city
Rawi Hage
Denoël 2014
A taxi driver, raised in a circus, roving through a crime-ridden nightmarish city of carnivalesque beauty and ugliness, introduces us to the colorful characters entering his taxi.
Le cafard
Rawi Hage
Éditions Denoël 2010
On a cold winter day in Montreal, an immigrant thief is rescued from committing suicide and has to attend therapy sessions, leading us back to his violent childhood in a war-torn country, then into his current immigrant life-on-the-edge, where he sees himself as a cockroach invading the lives of others.
De Niro’s Game
Rawi Hage
Éditions Denoël 2008
A novel on life and death in times of war relating the story of two childhood best friends caught in Lebanon's civil war, and on the philosophy of suicide.
B comme Beyrouth: ville à vif
Iman Humaydan Younes
Éditions Le Sycomore 1997
This novel tells the story of four women living in the same Beirut apartment during the civil war, and their daily struggles, each one having to deal with her personal problems.
D’autres vies
Iman Humaydan Younes
Verticales 2012
This novel shows the impact of war and violence on those who live them, and on the meaning of life itself, especially for women.
Mûriers sauvages
Iman Humaydan Younes
Gallimard 2007
This novel portrays the life of the silk-growing inhabitants of a Druze Lebanese village during a difficult economic period, through the story of young Sarah and the village’s women.
Rabee Jaber
Gallimard 2013
In a novel combining fiction and the history of Arab migrations to the Americas, the author tells the story a group of Syrian-Lebanese who emigrated to the United States on the eve of WW1.
Berytus, une ville sous terre
Rabee Jaber
Gallimard 2009
A novel about a man who discovered a city hidden under Beirut and settled there, haunted by memories of an absurd conflict. He ends up resurfacing but decides to keep the underground city a secret…
Les Druzes de Belgrade
Rabee Jaber
Gallimard 2015
This novel tells the story of the Druze fighters forced to leave after the 1860 civil war in Mount Lebanon and go to the fortress of Belgrade, and who took along with them a Chrisitian man in exchange for the freedom of a fellow fighter.
Comme si elle dormait
Elias Khoury
Actes-Sud 2007
The story of Milia depicts the profound conflicts of the 1947 Arab World: in order to “hide away” from her new husband and society, she lives in a dream-world where she converses with the dead and foresees the future, until this parallel realm becomes more familiar and easy to live with than "reality", and both become increasingly entangled.
Le coffre des secrets
Elias Khoury
Actes-Sud 2009
The narrator tells the stories of two men and one woman, their crossing destinies, in Lebanon and in Columbia, in between the 1860 civil war and the 1975 civil war.
Sinalcol: le miroir brisé
Elias Khoury
Actes-Sud 2013
This novel depicting a portrait of Lebanese society since the 1960s tells the story of two brothers, a medical student and a leftist, both in love with the same girl who marries the leftist after the medical student goes to settle in France… until the latter leaves his wife and children in France, and goes back to Lebanon to find a man known only as Sinalcol.
Le Roman de Beyrouth
Alexandre Najjar
Plon 2005
Through this story of three generation of a Lebanese family, the author recounts the history of Beirut and its struggle.
Nouvelles du Liban (Short Stories from Lebanon)
Magellan & Cie 2007
A collection of short stories by authors representing Lebanese francophone literature.
Maryam ou le passé décomposé
Alawiyya Sobh
Gallimard 2007
Maryam’s, Ibtissam’s, and Yasmine’s friend disappeared after she had written down all the stories they told her so she could write a novel, and Maryam decides to take over, telling the stories of unfortunate women, of broken destinies, of Ibtissam who wishes to marry Karim even though he is Christian… and of her own wish to flee her disrupted country Lebanon.
L'armoire des ombres
Hyam Yared
Sabine Wespieser 2006
Through the story of an actress who discovers folded shadows in a closet in a theatre in Beirut, and uses them as different characters in plays she presents to an ever-growing audience until she is lost within all her different identities, the author portrays the Lebanese society where individuals have no place, women in particular… and where any attempt towards emancipation is very dearly paid.
Nouvelles d'une guerre ancienne
Ed. Tamyras 2005
A collection of twelve short stories, each telling in a different manner part of the larger picture of the war in Lebanon, written after March 14th 2005 and aiming at a better future.
La dernière des Croisés
Ezza Agha Malak
1st ed.: Maison Internationale du Livre, Beyrouth; 2nd ed.: Editions des Ecrivains, Paris 1997, 2002
The story of an expatriate Lebanese, her difficult life, her absurd existence and her wish for freedom, justice, reconstruction, participation, communication, and eternity.
Mariée à Paris… Répudiée à Beyrouth
Ezza Agha Malak
L'Harmattan 2009
After living in France where she enjoyed the rights of a French wife and mother, the hero of this novel goes back to her native country, Lebanon, where she falls under the “law” of the patriarchal and machist society in her muslim community.
Récits bleus 
Ezza Agha Malak
Editions Al-Moutanabbi, Paris 1992
In this collection of three short stories “Chagrin d'Amour” (Heartbreak), “Cette douce tyrannie” (This Sweet Tyranny), and “La Terrasse et la Colline” (The Terrace and the Hill), the author depicts the real world where even the worst cruelty is acceptable…
Le chant suspendu
Elham Chamoun Abdelnour
Dar Malaffat 2009
A love story set in the Lebanese mountains.
Terra Nova, pour un monde nouveau
Simon Géara
Self-Published 2009
While the whole world is in crisis, in Byblos, land of the alphabet, young people create a bridge between men: an alphabet of love that will become the language of all people to share solidarity and respect.
Partition libre pour Isabelle
Yasmine Khlat
Seuil 2004
Through the story of Jean, very ill, who after a long stay in Africa, goes back to his native village accompanied by his sister Maïssa. the author portrays love between a brother and his sister.
Charif Majdalani
Seuil 2007
A novel set in the early 20th century, relating the adventures of a Lebanese young man, crossing the Nile, Arabia and Syria with his caravan until he reaches the snows of Mount Lebanon.
Histoire de la grande maison
Charif Majdalani
Seuil 2005
This novel, set in Lebanon from the Ottoman empire up to the French mandate, tells the story of a man who, after fleeing his native village in late 19th century Lebanon, creates an empire close to Beirut until, as a consequence of WW1, illness, and the pranks of one of his sons, his empire collapses and his descendants gradually leave Lebanon.
Un soir à Beyrouth (nouvelles)
Sélim Nassib
Ed. Thierry Magnier 2007
Lebanon that has witnessed wars, attacks, occupation, exile, ever-present in the eyes of ordinary men and women who have to live with the consequences.
Nous reviendrons à Beyrouth
Elie-Pierre Sabbag
Arléa 1997
This novel tells the story of a Lebanese woman who spent her childhood in Beirut then went to live in Paric where she got married and had a daughter… until her life is disrupted.
La malédiction
Hyam Schoucair Yared
Ed. des Equateurs 2012
A novel about Lebanon and its situation, conflicts, and religions, tells the story of young Hala, her childhood, bulimia, anorexia, suspicious friendship, self-effacement, and her struggle against her strict mother and strict male society.
L'armoire des ombres
Hyam Schoucair Yared
Ed. Sabine Wespieser 2006
This novel portraying a country that has fallen prey to war and religious conservatism tells the story of a person who assumes the role of two Lebanese women on a theatre stage, thus leading to an increasingly blurred boundary between reality and fiction.
Sous la tonnelle
Hyam Schoucair Yared
Ed. Sabine Wespieser 2009
This novel tells the story of an old woman of Armenian origin, widowed at the age of thirty-one, in Beirut during the civil war, who decided to devote her life to others, and who gradually turns out to be complex and mysterious.
Yasmina Traboulsi
Mercure de France 2007
A story illustrating Beirut's fractioned society and identities.
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