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Arab Cinema
Viola Shafik
The American University in Cairo Press 1998
An illustrated study on cinema in the Arab World 'tracing its development from colonial times to the late 20th century, combining a detailed history - economic, ideological, and aesthetic - with in-depth analysis.'
Lebanon A Mosaic of Cultures, Liban Une Mosaïque de Cultures
Nina Jidejian
Dar al-Nahar 2001
An illustrated history guide of Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage preserved by the Lebanese artisans.
Undeserving Lebanon
Jalal Toufic
Forthcoming Books 2007
According to the thinker, Middle-Eastern culture must think beyond justice, commemoration, historicization and reparation in order to create original works of art, experiment, and concepts in relation to the events in Lebanon during the civil war.
Form and Content in Art: A Marxist Approach to the Debate from Hegel to Gombrich.
Mahmoud Chreih
Dar Nelson publ. 2011
A study tracing the varying relations between form and content in aesthetics, elaborating on the psychology of art and criticisms.
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