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Liban, Figures Contemporaines
Mardam-Bey Farouk
Circé 1999
From the 19th century until 1999, a study on the important contribution of Lebanon to the cultural Arab Modernity through the portraits of 16 great Lebanese writers such as Ahmad Faris Al-Chidiac, Gibran, Elias Abou Chabaka, and artists such as the painter Omar Ounsi and the musician Asi Al-Rahbani.
Liban - Le regard des peintres: 200 ans de peintures libanaises
Institut du Monde Arabe
IMA 1989
Lebanese painting, starting the end of the 18th century until 1989, through the works of seventy artists.
Cinémas Arabes: Topographie d'une Image Eclatée
Khayati Khemais
L'Harmattan, Champs Visuels 1997
Whether the 'guardians of identity' like it or not, The Arabic cinema isn't anymore uniquely and necessarily made in the Arab World. It is also under African, European, American influence.
A la Recherche d'une Modernité Arabe. L'Evolution des Arts Plastiques en Egypte, au Liban et en Irak
Silvia Naef
Slatkine 1996
Plastic art in the Arab World has been going through a great evolution since the 1930s. particularly in Egypt, Irak and in Lebanon.
Le Cinéma Libanais: Itinéraire d'un Cinéma Vers l'Inconnu (1929-1996)
Hadi Zaccak
Dar el-Maschrek 1997
A History of Lebanese cinema since its beginnings end of the 1920s until 1997; through the works of Lebanese film-makers (Ali Ariss, Samir Khoury, Samir Ghosseini, Jean-Claude Codsi, Leyla Assaf, Georges Nasser, Mohamed Selmane, Maroun Baghdadi, Borhane Alaouié, Jocelyne Saab, Jean Chamoun, Randa Chahal.
Le Théâtre au Liban
Actes sud (Du Théâtre N°22), 1998
A study on theater in Lebanon.
Georges Daoud Corm. Peintre et Portraitiste Libanais.1896-1971
Georges G. Corm, Ch. Helou, M. Zahar, E. Adnan, G. Dornand, E. Schaub-Koch, G. D, Corm
Georges G. Corm 1981
A book on Georges Daoud Corm's work as a painter; Texts accompanied by pictures of his paintings.
Lebanon A Mosaic of Cultures, Liban Une Mosaïque de Cultures
Nina Jidejian
Dar al-Nahar 2001
An illustrated history guide of Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage preserved by the Lebanese artisans.
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