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SHAIRAT Al AARABIYA [Poetess of Arabia]
Joseph Noujeim
Dar An-Nahar 2003
A documented work that sheds a light on the Arab inspired poetesses of ancient times.
Al-Sourrou al-mouazza’ lil anisa May
Farouk Saad
Dar An-Nahar 2003
The author tells about the writer and poetess May Ziade, using the title of one of her short stories for his book. He analyses her writings highlighting how much they show the mystery of her life.
Amtar Kadima
Fouad Rafka
Dar An-Nahar 2003
An essay on literature as well as on political transparency and poetry. Fouad Rafka tells about art, about the problems relative to the Arabic society and the world of poetry.
Al-dhakira al-mafqooda (the Lost Memory)
Elias Khoury
Mu’assasat al-Abhath al-Arabiyya 1982
A collection of critique articles written from 1972 to 1981 including a variety of interests, and representing a testimony to the transitional literary period from the 1950s to another phase full of questionings an possibilities.
Dirasat fi naqd al-shi‘r (A Study in Poetry Critique)
Elias Khoury
Mu’assasat al-Abhath al-Arabiyya 1979
This book represents an attempt at reading modern Arab poetry through three poems by three poets: Siyab’s “Unshoodat al-matar”; Adonis’ “Mufrad bi-seeghat al-jam‘ ”; and Darwish’s “Serhan yashrab al-qahwa fee al-cafeteria”.
‘Ara’is fee al-mawlid: dirasat hawl al-mar’a al-‘arabiyya
Mona Mikhail
Dar al-Arabi publ. 1987
Essays around the subject of the way female characters are represented in Arabic literature.
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