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Love and Sexuality in Modern Arab Literature
Edited by Roger Allen, Hilary Kilpatrick
Ed de Moor; Saqi Books 1995
Treatment of writings (late 19th century-late 1980s) by modern Arab poets and novelists (Tawfiq al-Hakm, Jabra Ibrahm Jabra, Aduns, Layla Ba'albakki, Najb Mahfuz, Edwar al-Kharrat, Layla al-'Uthman and Nizar Qabban) on the theme of love and sexuality in segregated, conservative societies with a repressive attitude towards women.
The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology (bilingual - Arabic and English)
Edited by Nathalie Handal
Interlink 2000
A bilingual - Arabic and English- introduction to Arab women poets of the twentieth century in exile or living in non-Arab countries, and women poets of Arab descent from Europe and North America. (Elmaz Abi-Nader, Etel Adnan, 'Aisha Arnaout, Andree Chedid, Nada al-Hage, Hoda Hussein, Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Joanna Kadi, VĂ©nus Khoury-Ghata, Nazik al-Mala'ika, Houda al-Na'mani, Lisa Suhair Majaj, Zakiyya Malallah, Naomi Shihab Nye, Amina Said, Munia Samara, Lina Tibi, Fadwa Tuqan . . . ), who are known and unknown to the West, and demonstrates the wide diversity of Arab women's poetry, which extends to other languages besides Arabic and English (French, Swedish).
Classical Poems by Arab Women. A Bilingual Anthology
Abdullah al-Udhari
Saqi Books 1999
Bilingual Anthology; an exclusively female view of arab poetry which 'reflects feelings of passionate equality, together with those of subtle, sharply witty superiority all of which are directed towards their menfolk 'with a 'compelling significance of the religion and politics of the times and the blazing independence of these women.'
An Ear to the Ground: Presenting Writers from 2 Coasts
Edited by Scott C. Davis
Cune 1997
An anthology of Arab-American writers such as Jocelyne M. Ajami, Sara Nadia Rashad, Lisa Suheir Majaj, Hanna Eady, Natalie Handal, Nimri Aziz, not classifying the writers," supporting stereotypes about each of the ethnic identities that are supposed to exist in America. But including "a variety of voices, providing the reader with glimpses of what it is like to be an American from any of the many, varied, multifaceted backgrounds that everyone comes from."
Intersections: Gender, Nation, and Community in Arab Women's Novels
Lisa Suhair Majaj, Therese Saliba
Syracuse University Press 2002
"A collection of ten essays presenting critical analysis of women Arab writers. Themes of feminism, gender roles, the relationship of these to the political and social realities of the Arab countries, and their methods of presentation are analyzed."
Native Tongue, Stranger Talk: The Arabic and French Literary Landscapes of Lebanon
Michelle Hartman
Syracuse Univ. Press 2014
In this analysis challenging the widespread idea than Lebanese women writers express a Francophile consciousness, the author shows how their language itself represents their society, disrupting the established class, religion, and gender order.
Post-War Anglophone Lebanese Fiction: Home Matters in the Diaspora
Syrine Hout
Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature 2012
This book analyses the phenomenon of the post-civil war Anglophone Lebanese fiction literature, focusing on texts created during/about life in exile, thus depicting, beyond the civil war period, its crucial and long-standing consequence: expatriation.
Modern Arabic Fiction: An Anthology
Salma Khadra Jayyusi (Ed.)
Columbia Univ. Press 2004
A collection of works by 140 major Arab writers of fiction, reflecting the different aspects of modern life in the Arab world.
Images of Arab Women: Fact and Fiction
Mona Mikhail
Washington Three Continents Press 1979
Essays around the subject of the way female characters are represented in Arabic literature.
The Fragmenting Force of Memory: Self, Literary Style, and Civil War in Lebanon
Saadi Nikro
Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2012
The study of cultural production derived from personal experiences of the civil war in Lebanon, focusing on a selection of works of literature, autobiography and memoir, and documentaries.
Contemporary Arab Women Writers and Poets
Evelyne Accad & Rose Ghuraeb
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World, Beirut University College 1985
An analysis of poetry and fiction works by Arab women living in the Middle East and Europe, written in Arabic or in French, reflecting their bi-cultural dilemma, around the issues of identity, egotism, and nationalism.
The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora: Representations of Place and National Identity
Jumana Bayeh
I.B. Tauris 2014
A major study, combining history with sociology, of the literature of the Lebanese diaspora in the world (who continue to write about their experience), focusing on novels and writings produced in the aftermath of Lebanon's civil war, exploring the relationships between place, displacement and belonging, and portraying the global Lebanese identity.
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