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Khalil Haoui: philosophie de la poésie et de la civilisation
Rita Awad
Dar An-Nahar 2002
A book on the poetry of Khalil Haoui where the author reveals an unknown facet of the poet through deciphering his texts and restituting his inspiration.
Etude sur la Poésie Libanaise Francophone
Zahida Darwiche-Jabbour
Dar An-Nahar 1997
About Lebanese poetry written in french.
Liban, Figures Contemporaines
Mardam-Bey Farouk
Circé 1999
From the 19th century until 1999, a study on the important contribution of Lebanon to the cultural Arab Modernity through the portraits of 16 great Lebanese writers such as Ahmad Faris Al-Chidiac, Gibran, Elias Abou Chabaka, and artists such as the painter Omar Ounsi and the musician Asi Al-Rahbani.
L'Univers Romanesque de Rachid el-Daif et la Guerre du Liban
Edgar Weber
L'Harmattan (coll. Critiques Littéraires) 2001
An analysis of the work of the Lebanese writer Rashid al-Daif who did not write about the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) in a direct way. But instead, wrote novels describing the hopes, the fears, the good and the bad times the Lebanese people experienced during this period.
Diwan Chahrour el-Wadi. Le Zajal, ou la Poésie Populaire
Joseph D. Raidy
Joseph D. Raidy 2001
Book on the Lebanese popular poetry, the 'zajal', that also reflects the events taking place in Lebanon.
Soleil de nuit : Rilke, Fondane, Stétié, Tuéni
Jad Hatem
idLivre (coll. Esquilles) 2002
A study on the poetry of Rilke, Fondane, Salah Stétié and Nadia Tuéni. Who all tell, each one in his own way, through his own culture, about the existence of a "night sun" that illuminates the hearts of men.
Parcours en francophonie(s)
Zahida Darwiche Jabbour
Dar An-Nahar 2003
A study and an analysis on the concept and realities of francophonie and francophone literature, in particular in the Near-East, in the Maghreb and in Africa.
La poésie Libanaise de langue Francaise
Ghaleb Ghanem , translated by J.-P. Fattal
Pub. De l'universite Libanaise 1981
On Frida Bagdadi, Tamar, Julien Harb.
Pérennité de la littérature libanaise d'expression française
Alexandre Najjar
Anthologie 1993
Francophone Lebanese Literature from the period of pioneers to the period of combattants with an iconographic section and a bibliography listing amongst others: Amin Maalouf, Andrée Chedid, Salah Stétié, Georges Schéhadé, Nadia Tuéni, Vénus Khoury-Ghata.
Aux Frontières des Deux Genres : en Hommage à Andrée Chédid
Carmen Boustani (directed by)
Karthala 2004
A compilation of texts in homage to Andrée Chédid’s writings based on her aesthetic journey between the literary "genre" and the feminine "genre".
Effets du Féminin: Variations Narratives Francophones
Carmen Boustani (directed by)
Karthala (coll. Lettres du Sud) 2004
Carmen boustani studies the verbal and non-verbal expression, making a critical gaming out of the "feminine".
Panorama de la poésie libanaise d'expression française
Najwa Aoun Anhoury
Ed. Librairie Orientale 1996
A study of Francophone Lebanese poetry throughout one century (1890-1995) depicting the social-cultural circumstances and portraying its multiple aspects.
Le roman arabe
Kadhim Jihad Hassan
Actes-Sud 2006
This work dedicated to the Arab novel from the Nahda period (1834) up to 2004, includes a chapter on the Lebanese novels, especially those written during the civil war and in its aftermath.
Pérennité de la littérature libanaise d'expression française (Anthologie)
Alexandre Najjar
Anthologie 1993
A passionate plea for francophone Lebanese literature including: a synopsis of francophone Lebanese literature from the pioneers' period to the fighters' days; an iconographic section; and a bibliography listing 150 poets, novelists, philosophers..etc.
Dictionnaire de la littérature libanaise d'expression française
Ramy Zein
L'Harmattan 1998
This dictionary includes 134 articles dedicated to the authors, a themes' inventory, a chronological classification of the writers, a selective classification of the author into literary genres (tale, short story, novel, autobiography, poetry, theatre), an index of over 600 titles, and a selective bibliography.
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