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De Rhapsode au Zajal
Hoda Adib
L'Harmattan, Collection Poètes des Cinq Continents 1998
The Zajal is a form of folkloric (sang) poetry with lyrics usually improvised on the spot by two groups facing each other; each one using one or a number of words the other group said to creating a duel. In this book the duel is between a man and a woman.
L'Apocalypse Arabe [The Arab Apocalypse] (french, english)
Etel Adnan
french ed. Editions Papyrus; english ed. The Post Apollo Press; 1980, 1989
Deconstructed poetry reflecting destruction: the dislocations and outcries of the Arab World.
Contes et Nouvelles du Liban
Edouard Azouri
Librairie Orientale 1999
Poetry, literature, and thoughts about the life of the Lebanese people.
Tamirace Fakhoury
Dar An-Nahar 2000
Desire that matures and deepens while remaining pure.
Des Mots Sur le Seuil
Claire Gebeyli
Dar An-Nahar 2000
The magic created by words evoking reality.
L'Homme aux Paupières Closes
Louis el-Hage
These were written between 1982 and 1998, the darkest period of the poet's life.
Eternité Volante
Ounsi el-Hage
Actes Sud/Sindbad 1999
Kalimat, Kalimat, Kalimat
Ounsi el-Hage
Dar An-Nahar 1987
Cultural, artistic and political Lebanon. Important people and events.
Lest We Forget: Lebanon 1975-1990 (english, some translated into french and arabic)
Mishka Moujabber Mourani
Self-published, limited edition of 1000, 1991
A collection of about 40 mostly brief poems that reflect personal reactions to, and musings about, the events of the Lebanese war.
Les Lieux Visiteurs
Nohad Salameh
L'Harmattan 1997
The geography of exile: places that are at the same time real and unreal: orient landscapes in Venice and masks showing pain and love.
Oeuvres Complètes: Le Théâtre; La Poésie
Georges Schehadeh
Dar An-Nahar 1998
Children, mother land, the mother, the Christian symbols.
Jardinier de ma Mémoire
Nadia Tueni
Flammarion 1998
The author, 'bruised History and serious personal scars', has faced reality, through her poems and in real life.
De Ma Fenêtre Sans Maison
Nadia Tueni , Laurent Abad (Photographs)
Dar An-Nahar 1996
poems and landscape photographs about a 'crazy land' Lebanon.
Loubnan: Ishroun Kassida min Ajl al'Hob
Nadia Tueni
Dar An-Nahar 1987
Cities and villages, men and women, messages, memories, tragedies and hope of Lebanon.
Archives Sentimentales d'une Guerre au Liban
Nadia Tueni
Pauvert 1982
Last collection of poems written by Nadia Tueni a few months before she died from cancer. They are a result of the personal ordeal of the author, and the sufferings of Lebanon during one of the most tragic periods of the war.
Le Poème de Tyr
Abbas Beydoun , translated by Jihad Kadhim
Actes Sud 2002
In this poem -that is also a story on society-, Abbas Beydoun honours his native village: describing: sea and mountains, peasants attracted to the city but then rejected by it, sailors . . nature and human nature.
Compassion des Pierres
Venus Khoury-Ghata
ed. La Différence (coll. Clepsydre) 2001
Separated into three sections, these poems tell how civil wars have erased from the memory of a people that created the alphabet even these letters created by their ancestors.
Fugitive Suns: Selected Poetry (french, english)
Andree Chedid , translated by Lynne Goodhart and Jon Wagner
Consortium Book Sales & Dist. 1999
The poems of this volume are selected from Andree Chedid's entire career (1949 to 1995) who describes her poetry as being "free of time and place," having no "geographical boundaries," and belonging to "all lands."
Envolées d'une âme
Alain Tasso
Les Blés d'or 1998
Alain Tasso's poems accompanied by his painted calligraphy.
Poèmes pour une Histoire
Nadia Tueni
Seghers (coll. Poésie 72 Seghers) 1972
Nadia Tueni's poetry on love, Lebanon, nature, death ...
Abkar. Poème Mythologique
Chafic Maluf
Self-published, translated from arabic by Maurice Sacre 1973
These poems are an attempt to decipher the Arab Myths and Legends in order to understand their moral significance regarding the preislamic generations that elaborated them, but also towards today's generations.
Le Cèdre Pleureur
Jack Aswad
An-Nahar cultural supplement, 1996
The author wrote this poem while under the shock of the 1996 shelling of South-Lebanon by the Israeli; learning about it through news on television showing the images of Qana.
Beyrouth est un Long Voyage
Leila Khoury-Mohasseb
self-published, 1997
Poetry revisiting Beirut during the war with joyful words and colourful images.
Andree Chedid
Gallimard (Blanche) 2003
A meditation on the time that goes by, sets the rhythm of our lives and shapes us.
Elle dit
Venus Khoury-Ghata
Balland; (Littérature Française), 1999
Lively fresh oriental images and fables combining naïveté and wisdom..
Beyrouth ou le masque d’or
Rita Bassil
Dar An-Nahar 2003
Twenty-seven poems written by a student living in exile, illustrating her sentence on Beirut: ”Here, everybody wears a gold mask, that of appearances, to hide one’s own ruins.”
La voix des arbres
Venus Khoury-Ghata
Le Cherche-midi Editeur, (Points Fixes); 2001
The author helps young readers discover nature : trees, birds, rivers, gardens, leaves, seasons.
Le fleuve - du seul fait d'exister
Venus Khoury-Ghata, Paul Chanel-Malenfant
Trait d’Union 2001
Poetry that leads the reader through the beauty of nature.
Andree Chedid
Alternatives 2004
The author illustrates with her poetry Xavier’s 49 sketches, both basing their work on the theme of pursuit: pursuing love, silence…
This House, My Bones
Elmaz Abinader
Aquarius Press 2014
A collection of poems through which the author tells about love, yearning, hope, memory, resistance, injustice, and death.
Al-a‘mal al-shi‘riyya (Poems)
Rashid al-Daif
Riad al-Rayyes Books 2007
This compilation of poems includes Rashid al-Daif’s “Heena halla al-sayf ‘ala l-sayf” (When the Sword Replaced the Sun) published in 1979; “La shay’an yafooq al-wasf” (Nothing is Above Description) published in 1980; and “Ayyu thaljin yahbut bi-salam” (What Snow ever Falls in Peace) published in 1992, about various issues but mostly about the woman/mother/lover, the earth, the peasant/cultivator/farmer, the war, and the homeland.
Étoiles d'araignée
Ritta Baddoura
Mokhtarat 2000
A poetry collection of very intense short texts full of thoughts, feelings, resentment, sensuality, violence, disgust, despair, tenderness, and passion depicting a bursted life.
L'amour pur hyperbolique en mystique musulmane
Jad Hatem
Ed. du Cygne 2009
Pure love in its almost sacrificial aspect depicted in Jad Hatem's poetry dedicated to muslim mysticism that the author compares to jewish and chrisitan mysticism.
Arab Women in Love & War: Fleeting Eternities
Ghada Samman
Createspace 2009
In this poetry collection, the author addresses issues concerning women and the Lebanese civil war, socially and historically, expressing pain and loss caused by her own separation from her nation, and asserting that the nation can begin its social transformation through expressing the erotic and accepting female sexuality.
Blessures de l'eau [The Wounds of Water] (french, english)
Hyam Schoucair Yared
Dar al-Nahar (french); Shearsman (english) 2004
Poetry depicting life in Lebanon… the war, traditions, the relationship between men and women, and sexuality.
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