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Le Conte Oriental - La Tradition Orale au Liban
Jihad Darwiche
Edisud 2001
Tales told throughout the year in Lebanon where many civilizations inter-crossed.
La Folle Odyssée de Didon
Karine Safa
ed. du Béryl 2002
The story -in between History and Mythology- of Elissa -known by her Roman name, Didon (from Dido that means in Latin "wandering")- Princess of Tyr, Queen of Carthage; focusing on her life in Tyr and the persecution she suffered from her brother Pygmalion who envied her, which made her leave Tyr and go found the city of Carthage that would become later an empire...
Hassan le Brave
Praline Gay-Para , illustrations by Chen Jiang Hong
Ecole des loisirs (Mouche) 2002
The adventures of Hassan trying to get the ogre's braid in order to obtain half of the King's kingdom as a reward as well as his daughter's hand.
Nour et le Moineau (bilingual french-arabic)
Jihad Darwiche , illustrations by Françoise Joire
L'Harmattan (Contes du Roseau) 1999
"... one day, other sparrows started approaching Nour... and ended up eating the bread crumbs out of his hand..."
Les Souliers Rouges (bilingual french-arabic)
Jihad Darwiche , black & white illustrations by Françoise Joire
L’Harmattan (Contes du roseau) 1988
An original story on war and love; A father's search for his son who has disappeared after their house was shelled.
Choufi Choumafi et autres contes de la montagne libanaise
Dima , illustrations by Catherine Rebeyrol
L’école des loisirs (Mouche) 1998
Three tales: the story of two love-birds who cure the King's daughter; the story of a big and poor family saved from starving to death by a donkey and a bee; the story of a young flutist who kicks the ogre out of the village where he used to scare everyone.
La Femme Chatte
Praline Gay-Para
L’Ecole des Loisirs (Neuf), 2000
Tales -from Lebanon- where women are crafty and beautiful, and kings are cruel.
La Fille de l’Ogre (bilingual french-arabic)
Jihad Darwiche , illustrations by Françoise Joire
L’Harmattan (Contes du Roseau) 1993
Traditional Lebanese tale on jealousy and love: an amusing misunderstanding that makes an ogre believe he gave birth to a girl...
Le Prince des Génies (bilingual french-arabic)
Jihad Darwiche , illustrations by Françoise Joire
L’Harmattan (Contes du roseau) 1992
The path will be long and tortuous...
La Princesse Déguisée (bilingual french-arabic)
Jihad Darwiche , illustrations by Françoise Joire
L’Harmattan (Contes du Roseau) 1994
Traditional Lebanese tale: a princess is the victim of schemers; events will lead her to disappear and change her identity.
La souris et le voleur
Jihad Darwiche , Christian Voltz (Illustrations)
Didier Jeunesse (A Petits Petons) 2002
(5 years and up) A traditional Lebanese tale telling the comical story of a crafty little mouse whose piece of meat was stolen by a gigantic ogre and who goes to the judge and starts enumerating all the traps she could lay. To catch the thief.
Les Colombes du Liban
Michele Lagabrielle , illustrations by Arno
Bayard 1992
(9-14 years) In Beirut devastated by the shelling, Pierre -Lebanese, Christian- and Alia -Palestinian, Muslim- decide to fight against the war and to prove that peace is a possible thing.
Contes et Légendes du Liban: l'enfant des cèdres
Desiree Sadek Aziz
Albin Michel Jeunesse coll. contes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, 1995
Full of wisdom and respect for the environment, this story is a way of rebuilding hope in the souls of Lebanese children by telling about a child who covers Lebanon's mountains with cedars, while adults are fighting the war.
Ramzi Salame
FMA 2003
A journey through time and throughout Lebanon of two friends seeking easy money. A search which quickly reveals itself to be illusory.
Le maître de l’éclipse
Etel Adnan
Manuella 2014
Tales of love, loss, exile and other quotidian matters, of filmmakers, poets, professors, prostitutes, from 1930s Beirut through early 1960s San Francisco to the first Gulf war, illustrating the relations between innocence and power, love and sorrow, visible and invisible realities.
Rabih Alameddine
Flammarion 2009
In 2003, back in Beirut after several years in America, Osama tells about the stories of his grandfather the hakawati –storyteller– on his arrival in Lebanon coming from Turkey, and his classic tales of the Middle East, all illustrating an endless war.
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