Poems by Eileen Elsekampf
Chronique d'une vie par ces murs qui nous habitent
In the chronicle of past time night ...
The absent ...
from "Blackout"
Misery is when ...
Sitting cross-legged on ...
On quarantine! ...
Des bombes et des tombes ...
from "A yellowish pooh vomiting"
Il pleut il tombe ...
Un de plus ...


Poem extracted from "Blackout"

Sitting cross-legged on
A Syrian carpet around
The smell of my past.

Perfumed memories
From the white cloth of teenage
Embroidered with words.

Poor playthings they were
From the cliffs of war power
They felt one by one.

Eileen Elsekampf

Eileen Elsekampf is a former teacher at the Lebanese University of Zahle and Saida. She holds a Ph.D in French Literature on E.A. El Maleh's works.
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