September 2002

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  New artists joining the project  
Nadim Karam Architect, Sculptor
The Archaic Procession Sculpture in the Park - Mile End
Nadim Karam takes his "Archaic Procession", his herd of shadow creatures, from site to site, intervening momentarily in a situation.
Voyage book
an exploration of the work of Nadim Karam and Atelier Hapsitus over the past decade; art installations in places as varied as Beirut museum squares, Prague bridges, the gardens of a temple in Nara, and project proposals for London and Dublin.
Jayce Salloum Installation, Photography, Mixed & New Media
Kan ya ma Kan / There was and there was not installation
On the representation of 'Lebanon', and its history as constructed in our collective and individual psyches.
Up to the South documentary with Walid Raad
Documentary on the south of Lebanon; on the pathology of misinformation and misrepresentation when dealing with other cultures.
This is Not Beirut videotape
On the representations of Lebanon and Beirut both in the West and in Lebanon itself; and on identity.
Greta Torossian Photography
Beirut, Real Visions photographs
A work expressing the 'dialogue' modernity-past, the duality destruction-reconstruction of Downtown Beirut.
References - Bibliography

A selection of around fifty new titles have been added in the Essays, Novels, Poetry and Memoirs columns.

Also, the layout and the caracters have been changed and are now more legible.

And, as many amongst you requested a way to look for specific books in the bibliography, a search engine is now available.

Facts - Chronology

A search engine now allows you to have access to 1,200 news for the 75-90 war chronology. Please note that the chronology shows daily news as if reported by a journalist.

It is not meant to give full descriptions nor to analyse events.
It is, in a way, a response to the questioning:
"and what happened now ?!"

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