Our Common Solitudes
Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke

by Tarek Chemaly

Poems & Articles by Tarek Chemaly
Our Common Solitudes
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© Tarek Chemaly 2002 -2021

Let’s share our common solitudes,
For solitude has no plural,
And however it may seem brutal,
We will reach different altitudes.

Go back in your time,
To all the places that scare you,
Go back there, I dare you,
Just one more time.

And travel through a future,
That just awaits you to come,
Whether you are smart or dumb,
You will have to trust in your departure.

Since every start is blessed,
As you might have guessed,
Do not be afraid to start anew,
And launch into a new you.

Let me know my boundaries,
And I will help you with yours,
Assist me to reveal my mysteries,
And I will open your inner doors.

We can still be together,
While each standing on his own,
In my space, I can be in on my own,
While still looking at your border.

Plus one,
Equals two,
This applies to you too.

Plus two,
Equals four,
And reach forever more.

Be one,
Be alone,
Let’s all be one,
Let’s all be alone.
And let’s share our common solitudes.

Tarek Chemalyis an agriculture engineer and an environmental economist working in the creative deparment of an advertising agency, in Beirut. He says that he never lived in Beirut. It was Beirut which always lived in him.