Casting for a PG rated movie

by Tarek Chemaly

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Casting for a PG rated movie
In search for a new social stratification
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Rogs do not turn into prince charmings,
And evil queens are such media darlings,
Cinderella is out to get a new job,
For she realized she was just a slob.

Mickey is just an ugly pet hamster,
And Donald a speech impaired monster,
While Bambi is in the zoo,
And Tarzan's mother too.

The little mermaid was dead anyhow,
And so was the little matches girl,
Hansel and his sister survived somehow,
From the witch's oven whirl.

Do you think a snobbish white princess,
Would give seven dwarfs the time of day?
She would tell them to stay away,
And would ask the writer for a recess.

Little paradises in Disney movies,
And small children chasing oogies,
Riding their bicycles and cutting school,
Along with stray puppies that drool.

Some children play with real guns,
And some never tasted hamburger buns,
You can be a soldier at the age of seven,
And if you survive, a captain by the age of eleven.*

Leftover rockets and anti personal mines,
Way beyond what used to be the enemy lines,
Malnutrition causes Kwashiorkor disease,
When the belly inflates like if you were obese.

Some children grow too old, too soon,
Some children die too young, too soon,
And they rest in little houses on eroded prairies,
Surrounded by fictional fields of roses and daisies.

*Inspired by a story form The Onion newspaper

Tarek Chemalyis an agriculture engineer and an environmental economist working in the creative deparment of an advertising agency, in Beirut. He says that he never lived in Beirut. It was Beirut which always lived in him.