Poems by Eileen Elsekampf
Chronique d'une vie par ces murs qui nous habitent
In the chronicle of past time night ...
The absent ...
from "Blackout"
Misery is when ...
Sitting cross-legged on ...
On quarantine! ...
Des bombes et des tombes ...
from "A yellowish pooh vomiting"
Il pleut il tombe ...
Un de plus ...

In the chronicle of past time night ...

I see that lovely knight
On the 14th of march light
Behind his dark divine eyes
All his sovereignty praises
Were divining prophecies.

But now in this present day
My eyes wonder about such decay?
Now more I learn more I swear
Look upon our fate and curse our fucking despair.

Now from us He is the absent Spring
He sowed a free spirit in every thing
Now all the Lebanese birds are mute
With four orphans on an unfathered tree.

What old December’s bareness everywhere increase
A widowed fatherland after his son’s decease
Bearing the wanton burden of the crime.

Eileen Elsekampf

Eileen Elsekampf is a former teacher at the Lebanese University of Zahle and Saida. She holds a Ph.D in French Literature on E.A. El Maleh's works.
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