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:: Fawwaz Traboulsi | Historian, Writer
Identités et solidarités croisées dans les conflits du Liban contemporain
PhD dissertation, Université de Paris VIII, 1993
La réforme par les armes [Ch. 10]
Le long coup d’Etat phalangiste [Ch. 11]
L'économie politique des milices: le phénomène mafieux [Ch. 12]
De la violence: fonctions et rituels [Ch. 13]
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Ashraf Osman
.: { 'Letter' }
Rafif Sabbah
.: { papillon }
Serge Seroff
.: { 1975 }
.: { Beyrouth - vers 1978 }
.: { Grand Lycée de Beyrouth - années 70 }
.: { L'école de la tolérance }
.: { Le français, vu du Liban }

Joelle Sfeir
.: { Arabe ou Français? }
.: { Ciel! Ou est passé mon identité? }
.: { De deux ou trois bises et d’autres sujets de réflexions }
.: { L'Avenir Alternatif }

Zalfa Tazanios
.: { Faites des fêtes ! }
:: Ashraf Osman | Architect

"Memory for Forgetfulnes" :
Registering/Effacing the Memory of the Lebanese War

"In this age of memorials, it is customary to think of architecture as a means of commemoration. Indeed, as a synthetic physical act, architecture has long been a common and prevalent means of giving a commemorative presence to memory. However, by giving physicality to memory, architecture offers simultaneously its means of annihilation, thus becoming an ideal means of achieving its antithesis, oblivion. And just like memory, a finite selective process, architecture inescapably embodies an act of exclusion as well. As such architecture emerges as an ideal vehicle for oblivion as much as it is for memory."

> related Thesis Preparation, Syracuse University, School of Architecture

Home Sweet Home :: The Stench :.

Absence Materialized :: The Memory of Me :.

:: Saadi Nikro | Writer
Madness Cannot Be Thought Article
Mahmoud Darwish's Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 can be read as a story of language discovering itself in the midst of the Israeli siege of Beirut in 1982. This involves an exploration of language as a transgressive experience of writing and reading, whereby language is creatively and critically experienced as a dense texture of conflictual impulses and developing residues.
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